RSR 001 Ireland's Enchantment
RSR 002 Handel in Ireland
RSR 003 The Thisle & The Rose
RSR 005 30-Odd Feet Below Belgium
RSR 006 Slim Chances with Additions & Afterthoughts

Ireland's Enchantment - Emerald Baroque Ireland's Enchantment - Emerald Baroque RSR 001

Emerald album cover


£9.99 plus pp.


'... their sound segues between the folk and 'classical' (baroque) genres with a fluidity that is delightfully refreshing.'

'...hauntingly beautiful...All the performers played with great style.' Early Music Today

'Emerald Baroque’s vision of traditional music in a baroque style works so well that it belies the Irish origin of the material. This must surely mark their endeavour as a success.' Deirdre Ni Chonghaile

'Emerald Baroque deserve to be ranked alongside the likes of Dordán and the West Ocean String Quartet for cutting a new furrow in that fertile commonage between traditional and classical music.' Deirdre Ni Chonghaile

Ireland's Enchantment is an oasis of beautiful Irish music exquisitely portraying both the delights and laments of the music of the Irish people. All the members of Emerald Baroque have a classical music background, yet with Irish music in their heritage this gives rise to an authentic performance, rather than a crossover of genres. They are all leading exponents of early and Irish music, and together, they produce a unique sound - haunting, enchanting and inspiring.

Track listing

  1. Turlough O'Carolan Bridget Cruise & Carolan's Draught 2:44
  2. Anon Separation of Soul and Body & Port Chuil Aodha 4:41
  3. Anon Aileen Aroon 4:14
  4. Turlough O'Carolan Sir Arthur Sheen & O'Reilly of Athcarne 4:00
  5. Anon Ode to St. Bridget 3:34
  6. Bridget Cunningham Day of Deities 3:31
  7. Anon An Buachaillin Ban 4:44
  8. Kathleen Cunningham & Anon Mavourneen & Drowsy Maggie
  9. Anon Black is the Colour 4:14
  10. Anon Humours of Dublin & Ships are Sailing 2:54
  11. Anon She Moved Through the Fair 5:25
  12. Cornelius Lyons Mrs Hamilton 3:19
  13. Turlough O'Carolan Fairy Queen 7:20
  14. Anon Si Beog Si Mor 2:45
  15. Bridget Cunningham & Carolan Tide of Time & Carlan's Frolic 3:19
  16. Anon Brink of the White Rock 3:50
  17. Anon Eileen Aroon 2:37
  18. Turlough O'Carolan Carolan's Favourite Jig 1:09

Total play time: 68:20

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Handel in IrelandHandel in Ireland - Bridget Cunningham RSR 002


'... beautiful gem of an album ... a showcase of her musical prowess and erudite personal perspectives ... superlative delivery'

'The playing is impressive' Early Music Review

'... delightful album ... sensitive and faithful recording ...' The Musician

Based on Handel's visit to Ireland in 1741, the album contains harpsichord music by Handel, Roseingrave and Carter, plus virtuosic operatic arrangements from Handel's Rinaldo by William Babell. As a bonus there are two tracks of popular Irish melodies; one a favourite of Handel, and the other written in a Handel manuscript. Both the Carter Sonatina and The Poor Irish Boy are preveously unrecorded. The CD also contains a 16 page booklet with a fascinating summary of an article for Essays in Honour of Christopher Hogwood by Bridget Cunningham.

Track listing

  1. William Babell Vo far guerra 12:29
  2. George F. Handel George F. Handel - Andante 2:03
  3. George F. Handel George F. Handel - Larghetto 2:12
  4. George F. Handel George F. Handel - Allegro 2:44
  5. George F. Handel 7th Suite in G Minor HWV 432 - Ouverture 6:37
  6. George F. Handel 7th Suite in G Minor HWV 432 - Andante 3:20
  7. George F. Handel 7th Suite in G Minor HWV 432 - Allegro 2:34
  8. George F. Handel 7th Suite in G Minor HWV 432 - Sarabande 2:32
  9. George F. Handel 7th Suite in G Minor HWV 432 - Gigue 1:36
  10. George F. Handel 7th Suite in G Minor HWV 432 - Passacaille 4:30
  11. William Babell Laschia ch'io pianga 4:59
  12. Thomas Roseingrave 8th Suite of Lessons in G Minor - Allemande 3:56
  13. Thomas Roseingrave 8th Suite of Lessons in G Minor - Sarabande 2:08
  14. Thomas Roseingrave 8th Suite of Lessons in G Minor - Gigue 1:34
  15. Charles Thomas Carter Sonatina Op.6 No.10 - Andante Larghetto 2:46
  16. Charles Thomas Carter Sonatina Op.6 No.10 - Allegretto 1:34
  17. Anon The Poor Irish Boy (MS) 1:56
  18. Anon Aileen Aroon 2:32

Total play time: 62:46

The Thistle and the RoseThe Thistle & The Rose - Fleuri RSR 003

The Thistle & The Rose album cover


£9.99 plus pp.


'Fleuri is a trio with a difference...Their approach to early music is fresh and light-hearted...' Tilford Bach Society

The Thistle & The Rose brings together folk influenced baroque music from Scotland and England played on recorders, viols and harpsichord. As Fleuri's most popular concert programme this is ideal repertoire for their first album.


Track listing

  1. James Oswald The Thistle: Pastoralle 1:55
  2. James Oswald The Thistle: Brilliante 1:17
  3. James Oswald The Thistle: Amoroso 2:04
  4. James Oswald The Thistle: Brilliante 0:40
  5. attrib. James Oswald Bess and her Spinning Wheel from Scots Musical Museum 2:30
  6. attrib. Robert Burns arr.Fleuri Mary Queen of Scots Lament from Scots Musical Museum 3:11
  7. Tobias Hume Touch me Lightly 1:55
  8. Tobias Hume Tickle me Quickly 0:58
  9. Ignatius Sancho Air 2:01
  10. Ignatius Sancho Kate of Aberdeen 1:34
  11. Edward Johnson Pavan: Johnstounis delyt from Duncan Burnett's music book 3:38
  12. Anon Galliard from Duncan Burnett's music book 1:39
  13. Anon arr. Fleuri Daphne from John Playford's The English Dancing Master 1:53
  14. Anon arr. Fleuri London's Loyalty & Rose is Red and Rose is White from The English Dancing Master 3:59
  15. Nicola Matteis Ground after the Scotch Humour 1:46
  16. Anon John come kiss me now from the Scots Musical Museum 1:19
  17. John Playford Ayre 1:30
  18. John Playford Saraband 0:30
  19. John Playford New minuet 1:01
  20. John Playford Let Oliver Now be Forgotten 0:56
  21. George Tollet Tollet's Ground from The Division Flute 2:52
  22. Giles Farnaby Daphne from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book 5:20
  23. Anon Greensleeves to a Ground from The Division Flute 3:39
  24. James Oswald The Ranunculus: Aria 2:12
  25. James Oswald The Ranunculus: Allegro Andante 1:17
  26. James Oswald The Ranunculus: Tempo di Minueto 1:15
  27. Anon arr. Fleuri 'Twas within a furlong of Edinburgh Town & Scotch Cap from The English Dancing Master 5:05

Total play time: 58:47

30 odd feet below Belgium30-Odd Feet Below Belgium - An Affair of Letters in the Great War by Arthur Stockwin RSR 005

30-Odd Feet Below Belgium album cover


Two CD set £11.99 plus pp.

Geoffrey Boothby RUFUS WRIGHT
2nd Lieut. Alex Wilson GLEN MCCREADY

George Butterworth's 'Rhapsody' from A Shropshire Lad performed by London Early Opera.

When Geoffrey Boothby was seconded to the Royal Engineers in 1915, he was twenty and Edith Ainscow was seventeen. They had spent only four days together before Geoffrey was sent to the Front and the subterranean struggle below the Ypres Salient, in tunnels that were narrow, dark, flooded, and in deadly danger from the German workings close by.

During the next 18 months, while their letters passed to and fro, they fell in love.

As Edith wrote her last letter, in May 1916, Geoffrey was due for leave: ‘I can’t really believe that you’re coming yet but I hope and hope and hope. Do, do be careful just for one week . . .’

Arthur Stockwin, Professorial Fellow of St Anthony’s College, Oxford, recently retired from the Directorship of the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies. He was astonished to find this correspondence, cherished by his late mother since she lost her sweetheart ninety years ago.

“The events dramatised in the recording are now nearly a century old. The letters between Geoffrey and Edith, full of the sensitivity and dynamism of youth face to face with the cruelty and inhumanity of war, come down to us through the years as though time had stood still. Our sadness at the outcome is compounded by the fact that a hundred years later wars are still poisoning societies and destroying young people's lives.”
Arthur Stockwin

Two CD set:
Duration CD1: 72:34
Duration CD2: 72:34

Slim chances with additions and afterthoughtsSlim Chances with Additions & Afterthoughts by Edward Petherbridge RSR 006

Slim Chances with Additions & Afterthoughts album cover


Available as a download - coming soon from £9.99
Also available as a four CD set direct from the gloriamagnificat recording company £14.99 plus pp.


'Those who haven't met Petherbridge or seen his work will sense, in his words here, what they are missing.' Ian McKellen

'The passages on the National under Olivier are priceless.' Michael Coveney

Edward Petherbridge has produced a charming and insightful narrative, full of humour, theatrical lore and honesty. A must for anyone interested in 20th-century theatre.' A. L. Kennedy

Stoppard's original Guildenstern, a heartbreaking Newman Noggs and a definitive Lord Peter Wimsey, Edward Petherbridge is one of Britains finest and most highly respected actors. In a distinguished career spanning more than half a century he has proved equally at home in Greek tragedy and French farce, in Shakespeare and Chekhov, Moliere and O'Neill, Beckett and Bennett, Coward and Kurt Weill.

This limited-edition five-hour compilation features a glorious selection of prose and verse from Petherbridge's book, Slim Chances and Unscheduled Appearances (published 2011), as well as new, never-before-published material. It includes snatches of the original music from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (NT, 1967) and Nicholas Nickleby (RSC, 1980) and Petherbridge singing a number from the Broadway musical Coco and two songs by Noël Coward, with Jason Carr at the piano. The final CD brings us right up to date as Petherbridge prepares to play King Lear in an imaginative two-man exploration with Paul Hunter, My Perfect Mind, which opens early in 2013.

Four CD set:
Duration CD1: 77:10
Duration CD2: 78:54
Duration CD3: 78:16
Duration CD4: 78:50